Laminate Maintenance

When moving heavy furniture on laminate flooring ensure all furniture is lifted and not dragged, dragging furniture will scratch and mark the laminate flooring.

Use felt pads under any furniture legs, this will prevent the laminate flooring being scratched and marked.

If you are purchasing furniture or chairs with castors ensure you buy the “soft” castor variety.

When hoovering your laminate floor make sure your hoover and attachment settings are on the hard surface setting.

When cleaning your laminate floor never submit your floor to wet cleaning, if you have any stubborn marks using a damp cloth should remove these with ease.

Never use any abrasive cleaning materials, these types of cleaning materials can damage the laminate effect on your laminate flooring, and you will find they will either fade or split over time.

Deal with spillages as soon as possible, preferably the moment they occur.

Beware of products claiming to be safe to use on all carpets, including wool.  You may be safe to use them but if the cleaning products do not carry the WOOLSAFE Mark, it is not endorsed by most manufacturers.

Never use detergents such as dish washing liquids, soaps or other cleaners recommended for general household use.  Although they may clean the carpet to a satisfactory standard, they will more than likely cause problems such as colour bleeding, rapid re-soiling or other damage to the pile or backing of the carpet.

Periodic Cleaning
You may invest a lot in your carpets and rugs so it is worth the time and effort to maintain them.  You can maintain them by regularly vacuuming at least twice a week but sometimes it is advisable to have them cleaned by a professional.

Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning companies can help considerably extend the life of your carpet or rug.  If you are unsure which professionals to contact we can put you in touch with reputable and trusted cleaners that will be glad to give you further advice on maintaining your carpets and rugs.